Oct 24, 2010

Andy Williams - He's All Male And Catnip To Quail (1958) **Updated**

Andy Williams - He's All Male And Catnip To Quail (1958)

He can sing sweet, but he's never sugar-y. He can keep it soft, but he can belt out a lyric, too. He's got jazz and bezazz. He's one of the he-males that slays the females. That's why everybody's wild about Williams. That's why Archie brings you all the songs Andy made famous on this Cadence record.

A high fidelity recording by CADENCE CLP-3002

From the front cover of the album. The Archie refered to on the blurb was Archie Bleyer founder of Candence Records.

This is another of those forgotten gems packed with hits from Andy's days with Candence Records. You won't find much information on this album on the web.

Track List
  1. Canadian Sunset
  2. I Like Your Kind Of Love (Peggy Powers)
  3. Walk Hand In Hand
  4. Lips Of Wine
  5. Not Anymore
  6. It Doesn't Take Very Long
  7. Baby Doll
  8. Butterfly
  9. High Upon A Mountain
  10. Stop Teasin' Me
  11. Since I've Found My Baby
  12. Straight From My Heart


  1. like it-got the record ;)

  2. Mediafire - http://adf.ly/TOIfP


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