Oct 20, 2010

Al Martino - This Is Al Martino (1968)

Al Martino - This Is Al Martino (1968)

If not finding any info about something on the Internet is any indication of how rare that thing is then this album is rare item indeed!

This is a vinyl rip and it sounds great. Don't know who ripped it or where I got it from but I'm glad I found it. It is one of those little treasures you pick along the without a second thought only to discover that you have a diamond in the rough.

Al Martino was truly an unsung musical hero. Enjoy!

  1. If Ever I Would Leave You
  2. The Glory Of Love
  3. More Than The Eye Can See
  4. Yesterday
  5. Never My Love
  6. Walk Away
  7. Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
  8. The Happy Time
  9. There Are Such Things
  10. And That Reminds Me
  11. The Shadow Of Your Smile

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