Jul 17, 2009

Dakota Staton - Time To Swing (1959)

Dakota Staton - Time To Swing (1959)

I found this album during one of my late night downloading expeditions. I have heard good things about Dakota Staton so, never having heard her sing, I was eager to do so.

After the download finished, I eagerly extracted the rar file only to find a single very large mp3 file.

I quickly discovered that whoever ripped the album encoded it as a single file. There was no cue file included so I had to separate each track manually if I wanted to have individual tracks. I imagine that who ever did rip this album did not want to go thru a lot of trouble doing so.

Other than the album cover, there was no information about this album in the downloaded rar file. Luckily I had the album name and the artist from the album cover so I was able to find a track list.

After separating the tracks, I quickly named and numbered each track. Finally, I normalized the volume on each track. At last, I was ready to listen to the album. Mind you at this point I did not know whether this effort was worth it or not.

I sat down to listen to the album and when I was done I was impressed; I knew I had stumbled onto something very special.

Dakota's performance was exhilarating and full of energy. I was thrilled as Dakota belted one standard after another.

If Jazz vocalists are your preference, you will not be disappointed listening to Time To Swing.

  1. When Lights Are Low
  2. Willow Weep For Me
  3. But Not For Me
  4. You Don't Know What Love Is
  5. The Best Thing For You
  6. The Song Is You
  7. Avalon
  8. Baby, Don't You Cry
  9. Let Me Know
  10. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
  11. If I Should Lose You
  12. Gone With The Wind
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  1. Wow, with a recommendation like that who could resist? And you really went to great lengths to bring this back to good listening condition. Many thanks for the effort and the posting.

  2. Great Post and Blog!

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