Nov 13, 2008

Frankie Laine - Rockin' (1957)

Frankie Laine - Rockin' (1957)

One of Laine's most popular albums, this album reset several of his former hits in a driving, brassy orchestration by Paul Weston and his orchestra. Two of the remakes ("That Lucky Old Sun" and "We'll Be Together Again") have gone on to become the best-known versions of the songs (supplanting the original hit versions). Other songs on this album include: "Rockin' Chair", "By the River Sainte Marie", "Black and Blue", "Blue Turning Grey Over You", "Shine", and "West End Blues". The album's title is less a reference to rock and roll than a reference to the Duke Ellington song of that same name. Unlike Mitch Miller, Laine liked the new musical form known as "rock 'n' roll", and was anxious to try his hand at it.

  1. By The River Ste Marie
  2. So Black And Blue
  3. That's My Desire
  4. Blue Turning Grey Over You
  5. That Lucky Old Sun
  6. Baby, That Ain't Right
  7. Shine
  8. Rockin' Chair
  9. We'll Be Together Again
  10. West End Blues
  11. Give Me A Kiss
  12. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
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